CNC CAD, CAM and Mach3 training and software installation.


Get your project underway with some expert advice and a coarse tailored around you in CAD, CAM and anything else CNC or engineering.


Software Training and Installation.

Here at Tiggy Engineering we can offer Software training on the following:

  • Mach 3 Install and Training
  • Fusion 360 Training including CAM setting.
  • SheetCam Training
  • V-Carve Training
  • PCB Design Training using Proteus
  • Electronics design
  • Mould design both Vac Form and Injection moulding mould design.


We charge per 1/2 day this is one to one training @ £300.00 if you have a group, you can share this cost up to a max of 4 people for the same cost.

Currently we are offering courses not only in person but Via Teams and also using Team Viewer where we can remotely configure your PC and get your machine up and running.


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